Thankfully just a short stay.

Thank you so much for all the wonderfully supportive comments and emails.

Bianca was discharged yesterday afternoon after getting her monthly IVIG and Vincristine. She's much better in the sense that she has no more fevers (I think it shot up to 39.4 degrees - or somewhere there on Sunday night). So now Bianca needs an antibiotic 3 times a day until the course is completed.

Last night she did indicate her ear was still a little sore and she is not 100% herself and it doesn't help that she is also on steroids at the moment.

I was reminded how tough a hospital stay can be on all of us, trying to work out what to do with Caitlyn (thank goodness for Jody), what to pack, the logistics of Terence going to work and me staying with Bianca and be back home in time for Caitlyn and so on. So I'm glad it was just a short stay - I had visions that this might end up a long stay.

The stay was a bit tough on Terence as they put them in a shared room and being in a shared room you have no control over when the other people would switch off their lights and when they would switch off the TV. Around midnight they brought in another child who screamed and screamed and screamed and he was then moved at some point. And of course the 3 IV machines in the room would all beep throughout the night - all at diferent times.

But today Bianca is home and that is great! We decided to still keep her home to see how she is and if she doesn't complain of ear ache anymore today then she will go to school tomorrow morning.

So Bianca's medicines today are:

1 x 400mg Acyclovir tablet (anti-viral)
2.5 tablets Dexamethasone (steroid)
6ml Co-trimoxazole (antibiotic to prevent a certain type of pneumonia)
6ml Augmentin (for the ear infection)

1 x 400m Acyclovir tablet
6ml Augmentin

1 x 400mg Acyclovir tablet
2.5 tablets Dexamethasone
6ml Co-trimoxazole
6ml Augmentin

Wait 2 hours

1 x 400mg Acyclovir
1.5 tablets - Mercaptopurine (chemo)

I'm just thankful Bianca can swallow tablets - thank you PlayKate!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! A short stay for Bianca! I have been anxiously waiting for your post today! So glad things turned out to be "easy" and "quick". We know it doesnt't always turn out this well.
Happy news for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I´m so glad it was only a short stay!

Now, Bianca, I don´t know if you remember, but this is a clip you and I used to watch over and over again. I´m gonna post it here, cause maybe it will cheer you up a little bit;

It´s kinda fun when the bubbelgum gets sticky all over her face, isn´t it? :)

Now I´m going to bed. Have a god day all of you. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I miss you!
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry to hear that Bianca was admitted but am glad that she is now home. It sounded like a tough night in the shared room.
I hope that she keeps improving and that the steroids aren't too horrible.
take care,

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Bianca is on the mend and that the hospital stay was a short one.