Party time!!!

Last night was yet another difficult night. Bianca didn't want to sleep. She "slept" in her own room, but a number of times we had to go to her room reminding her that it was sleep time. So today we really feel tired.

Today we had Caitlyn's first birthday party. Her actual birthday was last week, but then Bianca was in hospital, so we decided to wait until today for the party. Bianca would have been so disappointed if she did not have the chance to be at her baby sister's birthday party.

It was really just us at the party, but still, we wanted to do something special for Caitlyn. Bianca and Terence baked a cake and then I made an attempt to decorate it in the shape of a teddy bear.

Initially Caitlyn didn't want the party hat on her head, but soon forgot about it.

Big sister Bianca had to blow out the candle for Caitlyn to show her how it is done and Caitlyn had fun "exploring" her cake.

Then it was present time! Bianca and I helped Caitlyn to open her presents. Caitlyn hasn't yet learned how to open presents, but I'm pretty sure that by Christmas she will know exactly what to do.
And I'm very happy that we had the chance to share this with Sanna too. When Sanna came Caitlyn was 7 months old. Sanna pretty much experienced most of all the milestones and achievements - she was there when Caitlyn started sitting properly, crawled properly, started standing up, learned to wave, blow kisses and clap hands. She was there when Caitlyn started standing, started walking and now with Caitlyn's very first birthday party.

On Monday we start oral chemo again. I'm not yet sure whether this time that we were off oral chemo is seen as a delay or if we just start again at the day we would have been if we continued with chemo. If this is a delay, then it might affect our end of treatment date. I hope it doesn't.

The rash is significantly better (thank goodness), and as soon as it is completely gone, then we will take Bianca back to ballet. I can hardly wait!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
That's great news that Bianca's rash is getting better. I hope the good sleeping will soon follow.
Caitlyn's party looked like a great success. I'm glad that it finally got to happen.
Pete is still pretty miserable on the steroids, and very tired and grumpy. I am hoping that he will be back to normal by tomorrow.
Have a great week with your lovely girls.
All the best,
Bridget and Peter