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This weekend was great. On Friday evening Bianca had her very first school dance. They sold sausages, ice-creams, glow sticks, fake tattoos, had a nail painting bar and of course lots of great music. Terence and I helped out with selling some stuff. Bianca just had the best time ever and it was so cool watching her as she met up with some of the friends she's been making at school. So far removed from the day she sat on the slide waiting for a friend to come and sit next to her.

Here is Bianca getting her nails painted:

Having fun at the disco:

Terence and I worked at the Disco, here is Terence clipping somebody's money card at the BBQ:

On Saturday Terence and Bianca went to MOTAT again and they had a great time. I stayed home with Caitlyn as the venue isn't really suitable for her and this way Terence and Bianca could have more fun without being restricted to Caitlyn's routine.

Bianca tried out this old water pump:
At MOTAT they have these old buildings to show how people lived many many years ago, this is Bianca in the school room:

Pilot Bianca trying out the flight simulator:
On Sunday we were supposed to take Caitlyn to her swimming lesson, but unfortunately one of the children in her class was possibly exposed to chickenpox at their daycare centre, so until we know that the risk has passed or that there was no risk, we have to keep Caitlyn away. So we ended up just driving around and taking the kids playing at the park.

On Monday morning Bianca will go to school, but then I will have to get her earlier than usual as we have our monthly hospital visit. I expect it to be a little bit of a busy afternoon, so I'll have to take some things for Bianca to do. This is where I will really really miss Kate, the play specialist from Wellington. We could always count on her for loads of fun, laughter and entertainment. Bianca has a bit of a cough at the moment and I really hope that we are not in for another chest infection that require hospital stay. I really think 106 days as inpatient so far is more than our fair share... So fingers crossed!!!

Caitlyn is at such a great stage. The two girls have the best time ever and I cannot believe that she will be 18 months now in August. Time really flies. Well, in some ways time flies.

So here is a little clip to brighten your day - I promise you can't help smiling when you watch this (you will need sound).

In another it really doesn't. It feels as if we have been living in this rental house forever (when in fact it's been less than two months) and there is always something going wrong. If it is not a leak by the front door, then it is a toilet that gets blocked for just because and we are told that having a plunger is a handy thing to have (well we've never had to own a plunger ever), if it is not a leak in the kitchen because of the upstairs shower, then the middle shower door (which we don't ever use) doesn't fit anymore and of course then everything happens more than once. After the builder has been here, it leaked again by the front door. It doesn't leak every time it rains, but it does make me worry that we might end up with a damp, mouldy problem which would probably not be the best for Bianca and of course it leaks out of the light socket so BIG fire hazard. And the shower door doesn't fit again even though we don't use it and even though the builder did adjust it the last time. And lucky me, I had to plunge the toilet just the other day which for us was the second time in 3 weeks. So no word yet on when we can expect the builder to come and have a look at the leak again. Not sure how many of you have ever watched Fawlty Towers (here is a little clip which is quite hilarious) but I think a perfect name for this place is "Faulty Towers". It pretty much says it all!

On a very sad note - little Sullivan Farrar was only 15 months old and passed away just yesterday. He had Infant A.L.L. (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). My thoughts and prayers go out to his family that they will find strength and comfort during this very difficult time.

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