So proud to be part of it!

Thank you to ClubCraig, Douglas and Ester Efstratiou for sponsoring me to participate in Funrazor. I really appreciate all the wonderful support, it means just so much to us!!!

Today I spoke to one of the CCF ladies and I was incredibly shocked to learn that the Auckland branch has around 10 newly diagnosed kids every single week. TEN!!! That is a lot of kids with cancer. That's the Auckland branch alone and not counting in the other branches in New Zealand. It would be so cool, when one day there would be no more child cancer at all, but unfortunately it doesn't work like this and every single day a new family starts walking this journey. I can honestly say that this journey has probably been the most exhausting thing we've ever had to do. If we had a choice we wouldn't be walking this journey, but if we were there again and had to walk this journey again, then we would do it without hesitation, because we do what we need to.

Just the other night a friend (who is also part of this club) and I discussed why some of us end up sharing our stories in the media and some of us choose not to. I know many of us just want to become "invisible" like before cancer. Get back to the way things were before cancer. For us, personally, it is about giving something back to the wonderful people at CCF who stood by us from day 1. I also mentioned to her that I sometimes wonder if it wasn't for the human faces whether people would take note of child cancer, certainly before Bianca got sick we never knew anybody who had a form of child cancer, so for us personally, it is important to help them put the "human face" out there. I think sometimes it might be easier to look the other way, because none of us think (or want to think) that something like this will actually happen to us. It just happened without warning. There were some signs, but we were oblivious, we had no idea and then suddenly you get hit with the news! So it really is so comforting that there is an organisation like the Child Cancer Foundation there for us, I cannot say enough how much they mean to us and the difference they have made and how much more manageable this journey became with them right by our side.

Unfortunately the Child Cancer Foundation doesn't get any funding from the government. Without this much-needed funds they are not able to do the work they do and so initiatives like Funrazor is a very very important event in their calendar. I feel so proud to be part of this exciting event. Last year when I did it, I remember what a liberating feeling it was getting my hair shaved off.

So thank you so much to all of you supporting me for Funrazor. Every little bit helps and makes a difference.

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All the best for the Funrazor, I really hope you get to your target!