It really sucks, doesn't it?

It hits me every single time.

Another little child (a 7 month old baby in fact) passed away from cancer. I didn't personally know little Declan and it is only recently that I discovered their journal, but despite this, my heart breaks for them. It is just so incredibly incredibly sad. And that's the thing about cancer, it doesn't discriminate, it doesn't care whether it is a baby, a child or an adult, it affects us all the same and it doesn't matter which country we may be living in, this club is truly universal! And the one time you wish you didn't get picked for the team, was the time that cancer picked you for its team.

Please keep little Declan's family in your prayers tonight so that they will find comfort and strength to help them through. You can visit his site, by clicking here.

And little Declan, even though you were only 7 months old, you have changed the world in your own little way! R.I.P. little one!


Anonymous said...

It does sux! Very very sad indeed.

Jacki said...

I've read too many posts like this in the past year! Can*er SUCKS !!
Prayers for the family!

Amanda said...

It was very sad news. I saw an ad for CHOC on tv and little Declan was in it. My heart broke.