A temporary opportunity

I will be temping now in March. Just for the month. It is with a company I temped at when we just arrived in 2004 and at the time I temped there for around 6 months. I really enjoyed it too. So now I'm going to help them out again. It will be interesting to see how going back to work will work. It has been such a long time and I must say that the "what ifs" are running around in my mind. So we'll see how it will work. I guess that is where starting off with a temp option is great in that it gives some flexibility.

One of the managers at the company and one of the ladies in his team have decided that they will be shaving their hair to raise money for the Child Cancer Foundation. They will be shaving their hair on the 27th of March at the office and I think it will be a fun event! Go check out John's fundraising site here: (http://fundraiseonline.co.nz/johnpearson). I think it is so amazing that they are wanting to do something for the Child Cancer Foundation.

Bianca had a play date with one of her best friends and it sounds as if she had loads of fun. Tonight she has written a letter to her friend inviting her to come and visit at some stage (so I guess us moms will have to start discussing possible times).

And... we will be moving soon again. We love the house we are in now, but since Jody left and we are not looking for another au pair at this point in time, we find that this house is really too big for us at the moment and so it would be better for us to move to somewhere smaller for the time being (and spend less time cleaning each week - which should be good) and of course we will then get to save some money and hopefully at some point be able to work towards our own house. That would be cool. We've actually been making a number of changes to how we are doing things this year. Things we were going to start doing at the start of 2007 and we then had Caitlyn and then shortly after Bianca was diagnosed and so a lot of those goals got put on hold. And so we feel that we are now back in a position where we can start focusing on these goals again, so we've been working hard at updating our budget, we are now doing weekly shopping instead of daily shopping and actively looking at ways we can save. It is pretty hard changing old habits, but it does feel pretty good forming these new habits.


superrelish said...

It looks like your world is full of positive changes. Congrats on the temping position. It should be a great way to test the waters before diving in head first.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some exciting times ahead!

Amanda said...

Congratulations, I hope it will be good experience. It's always good to work towards a goal, and now that the end of treatment is in sight, it should be more attainable.