So far so good!

Bianca hasn't had the intense hunger as yet. She's been hungrier than usual, but not frustratingly so. For most of it she seems fine, but her teacher definitely noticed that Bianca was a bit more emotional, but mentioned that Bianca worked hard to not let it become an issue. Tonight Bianca also has her usual steroid-induced sore tummy, but it is not a worry at this point in time. At least only 2 more days of steroids left for this month.


Anonymous said...

Each morning when I wake I say, I place my hand in God's today. I know He'll walk close by my side. My every wandering step to guide. He leads me with the tenderest care. when paths are dark and I despair - no need for me to understand, if I but hold fast to His hand. My hand in His! No surer way to walk in safety through each day. By His great bounty I am fed; warmed by His love and comforted. When at days end I seek my rest and realize how much I'm blessed. My thanks pour out to Him; and then I place my hand in God's hand again.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope it keeps going this way!

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

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