Tummy Troubles

You know how I wrote just last night how things were going well? In fact things were going so well that I ended up writing about the weather - something I don't usually write about (okay fair enough our weather has been a bit extreme for us and was probably worth a mention anyway), but that's not the point, the point is things are going really well at the moment.

Or it was until probably around 11:30pm last night when Caitlyn woke up with a scream saying "tummy hurts", and so I rubbed her tummy, held her in my arms for a bit until she asked to go back into her cot. And then it was probably maybe 10 minutes later when she woke up getting sick all over herself. And so we changed her, changed the sheet on her bed, switched off the light, I stayed with her a little bit and then probably not even 10 minutes later, again! So in the end I decided to sleep in her room just in case.

Turned out to be the right decision because I spent the night just falling asleep, then getting up, changing the sheet, letting Caitlyn lie next to me until she was ready to go back to her cot, then just falling asleep again, getting up, change the sheets and so on over and over again, at some point we ran out of sheets, then started using towels to put over her mattress, and when we ran out of that, we ended up just using some duvet covers until finally around 3am (well I think it was 3am) we managed to get some sleep until it was time to get up around 6:45am.

So I fully expected that if this was a tummy bug we would continue with this pattern throughout today, but she woke up with a "tired!" when she realised I was awake and she was pretty much her usual self (apart from being a little bit more tired), her appetite was pretty much as it was, no more episodes of her getting sick anywhere and tonight at 8pm she went to bed her just like usual. So I'm almost inclined to say that maybe it was just that her tummy got a bit upset after supper last night.

And what do I have to show for last night? Around 6 loads of washing that we accumulated throughout the night!

So let's just say I'm hopeful that tonight will be a much better night for us and we can get back to our boring-things-go-well kind of days.


chantelle said...

ag shame man! so glad she's ok. yes, why does this things always happen at night? never during the day... funny hey?

Amanda said...

That sounds really hectic. Hope the washing isn't too much of a headache! Very glad it wasn't a tummy bug.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
What a horrible night. Poor you. I hope that Caitlyn is all over it now, and most importantly that no one else in the family catches it.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a better night. Sounds hectic!