Quick update

Just a quick update tonight:

Things here are going very well. One of the teachers at Bianca's school mentioned how much more energy Bianca seems to have nowadays. Bianca loves being back at school, she loves being with her friends and in fact has a play date with one of her best friends tomorrow.

As for tennis - Bianca enjoys it so much that she wants to have a second lesson a week and we told her that if she still enjoys it by the end of the term, then maybe the next time we could book her in for 2 lessons a week. At this afternoon's lesson Bianca managed to hit the ball over the net a couple of times, she was so excited!

On the eating front, we are doing very well indeed. Bianca is still willing to try something new every week, she is still eating bananas and some raisins that she tried before. And despite the fact that there are a range of things she doesn't actually enjoy, she is still very much willing to try and that is the most important part after all.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bianca, Belinda here again, so happy to hear how well you are doing, and WOW well done with your tennis, practice makes perfect. Sounds like you are doing really well at school. Thinking about you. Love

Amanda said...

I'm glad she's still trying new foods! She's going to have a very good diet when she grows up!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! Keep up the great work Bianca!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca,
Wow, it sounds like you are doing so well with school and tennis. I don't think I would be able to hit the ball over the net, so you are already doing a lot better than me.
Well done with the eating too.
I hope that you have lots of fun at school today.
Love from Bridget and Peter

Chatabox Girl said...

It sounds like she is doing great.

Well done at the tennis Bianca!