A pro in the making

We've decided that it was time to include a sport in Bianca's routine. But of course there are limitations due to the Vincristine that she gets once a month which means that she doesn't have a great balance and certainly does not run as fast or well as other kids at this stage, so we figured that tennis might be a good sport to introduce. Well at least I don't think it would include excessive running (I can't really remember as the last time I attempted to play tennis was when I was around 10 years old). I hope she will like it. The instructors are great fun, and they seem really good with the kids.

And here is our little pro in action...

When the instructors talk you have to stand still and listen nicely

Okay so this shot looks a bit like she was doing the haka on a tennis court:

Managing to hit the ball:


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I like the haka photo!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lea that is so sweet! Go Bianca!!

superrelish said...

When Bianca is starring at the Australian Open, you can stay here!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Bianca enjoyed the first day of school. I am sitting here wondering how my little Pete is doing. Hopefully not tearing too many books.
Bianca looked very happy and settled.
I love the tennis photos too. She looks like a pro already.
I hope she is having a great second day.
Take care,

ffong said...

Serena Williams watch out, a new pro on the rise!