"Truth or Dress"

You know you've just completed a week of steroids when it is time for Bianca's afternoon rest and she entertains herself by writing little notes like this one:

So then she came down to show Terence her note and he told her that it was still resting time and that she needed to wait a further ten minutes before he was going to get her something to eat.

So she went back to her room and wrote her dad another note:

(the last word is meant to be "please").

So how can you then resist?

This morning we were greeted with extreme hunger. Bianca ate 3 bowls of oats for breakfast and then consistently complained of being hungry the whole day. It can be a little challenging, but at least we didn't have any grumpiness or sadness and we didn't have any weird cravings, so I can live with the hunger. And certainly I think Caitlyn's little celebration tomorrow will fit right in with Bianca's appetite.

I must say that after this last week I actually feel fairly exhausted. Okay, it didn't help that I went to bed really late a lot of the time, but certainly you prepare yourself a whole month for that steroid week, you hope for the best, but you also prepare yourself that it might be a pretty hard and challenging week and it is hard when Bianca suddenly deals with a big appetite, begging for food the whole day long, or getting weird cravings just because she watched Asterix and they make Wild Boar look so appetising, or she watches Winnie-the-Pooh and suddenly wants to eat some honey (not on bread or anything, but put on a spoon). And especially when she suddenly feels sad, grumpy, quiet - that is hard to deal with. So then when you reach the end of steroid week, you are left feeling pretty tired and exhausted.

But here we are, at the end of this week and it is great taking a break before the next steroid week.

Tonight Bianca decided to pretend that she was a game show host and Terence had to be the the contestant and I had to be in the audience. So I whispered in her ear "say to Daddy truth or dare" and she said to Terence "truth or dress", I whispered again "no, truth or dare" and she said to Terence "truth or death", so by that time Terence was laughing so hard and I had to stop the whispering. So there Bianca sat asking her dad all sorts of questions "what is your favourite show?" "what is your favourite colour?" and so on, and each time she held up one of the little signs she made and then I either had to clap hands (when she showed the "clape please" sign) or show a grumpy face to Terence when she showed the picture of the grumpy face or point my finger at Terence when she held up the picture of the finger she drew. It was great fun!

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She sounds like quite the little character!