A letter to my little girl

Dearest Caitlyn,

Today, two years ago you joined our family - all 4.7kg (10.3 lbs) of you.

Your big sister was so very excited to finally meet you. She had her face painted at daycare before she came to the hospital to say hello. And I remember how much it bothered her when she tried to put on your hat and you cried. She was so worried that she hurt you, and we had to explain that crying was your way to talk to us.

I remember your very first smile. I was at the computer and we were about to leave and you were all strapped into your seat and then you just smiled, a big toothless grin!

And when Bianca became sick, you never once complained, you just fitted in. Be it in the hospital playing with your toys:

Or letting your big sister feed you during her blood transfusion:

And when she was staying at the hospital for a very very long time, you were right there cheering her up. You were good at that.

You offered hugs:

And smiles:

And you always kept things happy, giggly and normal to Bianca and us:

And suddenly before our very eyes, you became this bright, energetic little 2 year old girl. No longer a baby, but a little girl. A happy, confident, know-what-she-wants little girl:

And here you are, all walking and talking and saying things like "I see you" and "later aggelator" and "have fun" and "no sancs" and you can count to 10, and you know so many more words, the list would be too long to put here.

Caitlyn we will always be so happy that you came when you did. You were just what we needed to keep things normal and happy and when things were difficult you forced us to focus on what you needed. And you just slotted in. I sometimes wonder what memories are stored away in your mind. Certainly for most of your life you have known a life revolving around the hospital. You have seen Bianca connected to all these tubes and wires, you've spent so many hours there just waiting, you know that Bianca gets medicine and you include it in your play sometimes where you pretend to give somebody medicine, you have spent so many hours apart from either your daddy or me. But despite all this, you have always smiled and brightened our day!

And Caitlyn, thank you so much for all the giggles and smiles you have shared with Bianca at a time that was no doubt difficult and challenging to her - she loves being your big sister!

Happy birthday our special little girl!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Caitlin, 2 years old so cute. I hope you enjoyed your celebration with Mummy, Daddy and Bianca. Lea I loved your letter to your wee girl.
Take care

superrelish said...

Lea, your baby is just beautiful. Happy Birthday Caitlin.

MERT said...

Mrs. White,

By way of introduction, my name is Mert Ortaliza - grandfather of Jaylon Fong. My wife and I read your open letter to your 2 yr. old daughter, Caitlin. Everything that you have written is especially memorable and meaningful. We fully understood, believed and appreciated what you and your husband had done to Bianca - something particularly great! It hit home.

We wish you all the best of luck.

Mert and Sonia Ortaliza
Diamond Bar, California, USA

Anonymous said...

What a poignant post. Thank you for sharing your pics and memories. May C bring you many more beautiful memories!

Amanda said...

What a beautiful post Lea! Happy birthday little Caitlin!