I have forgotten how much work a move entails. Well actually I have not forgotten, just sort of shifted to the back of my mind the last time we moved. And each time I gain momentum and motivation to just get started (I mean really, how hard could it be to fill up a couple of boxes?) until I enter the garage where we still have a bunch of stuff that we need to sort out, have you ever seen motivation run so fast? But anyway, I really just need to get my act together.

Today Caitlyn came with me to get Bianca from school and she decided it was the perfect time to act up. She ran into the library and I helped her out (as we were on our way to the office) and she screamed. So then we went into the office until it was time to go to Bianca's class and she went to sit on the one couch and she lay down on her back and the more I tried to encourage her to come with me, the more she rolled around on the couch saying "rolling, rolling" so of course she was not impressed when I helped our out of the office. We walked towards Bianca's class and Caitlyn sat on every single bench along the way (or so it felt). Then she ran to the wrong set of classes and was not impressed with me when I asked her to go a different direction. Finally we made it to Bianca's class and we waited for Bianca to come out and then Caitlyn decided it was the perfect opportunity to run across the field - this tiny little person in amongst much bigger kids who were all excited to see their parents at the end of their school day. Urggh! So there I was running after Caitlyn (you don't realise just how fast they can run, until they run away from you in a not-so-baby-friendly environment). When I managed to stop her and picked her up, she screamed "walk self, walk self" and she kicked her little legs and we got back to Bianca's class, I sat her down on the bench to put her shoes on and the one mum asked "what's wrong?" and I said "oh she just turned two".

Caitlyn is adorable, oh so cute, she's got a great sense of humour, but she has a very independent and strong-willed personality. She knows what she wants, but unfortunately it is not always what we want. Oh lovely terrible-twos!

I'm really looking forward to the weekend, although we probably won't have much time for rest, what with packing and all...


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at C's antics! It sounds soooo familiar!

Anonymous said...

That was really funny. Caitlyn sure is a character.
I hope that the moving goes well.
take care,

Anonymous said...

All the best for your move!
Caitlyn sounds like a real character!

Johan said...

Hi guys, good luck with the move. We're almost finished unpacking, just two or three boxes still standing around, but they'll probably stay that way for a while.
And good luck with Caitlyn too ;-)