A special birthday party

Today we had Caitlyn's birthday party. Just a small little party with just the four of us. And as far as Caitlyn is concerned it was perfect. There were balloons, yummy food, a birthday cake with 2 candles and best of all... presents!

We chose a Winnie the Pooh theme - after all, the Winnie-the-Pooh characters are her favourite, although she just recently discovered Curious George and she finds it so funny.

I made some party food - really basic stuff and we tried to keep it relatively healthy, but of course you can't have a party without some sweet treats too.

And mean Mommy that I am, we served the bread, fruit, sausage rolls and little sausages first and after we were sure the kids ate something from this selection, did we serve the chocolate and chips (or crisps - I once worked with a girl who came from the UK and she couldn't handle it when people say "chips" instead of "crisps").

And of course then it was time for presents. Caitlyn opened most of her presents all by herself, but every so often asked her big sister for help and Bianca was more than happy to help.

One of the presents that we gave Caitlyn, we bought on the 26th of December when our one shop had some specials as part of their Boxing Day Sales. And we bought this set for $20 (before the sale it went for $49), so I thought it was a pretty good bargain at the time.

Caitlyn had a great time pretending to take Pooh Bear for a walk:

And even tried out the baby cot which looks similar to her own cot - wow, Caitlyn has really grown up :-). I think she felt a bit confused at times and didn't quite understand why it looked like her own cot, but she wasn't able to lie down.

And finally it was time for the cake:

We had a great time indeed! Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes we received through our blog and email!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Caitlyn!
I can´t believe that you´re turning two already. I still remember how excited I was when you were learning to walk, and now here you are...a little girl, even though I still think of you as my baby!
I hope you´ve all had a great day!
And Bianca, I really like your dress! :)


superrelish said...

Hooray. This looks like a perfect 'real' birthday party with all the important ingredients - family, food and gifts. I am glad that you all had a great time, the party looks fantastic.

Marlize said...

Happy Birthday Caitlyn!
From Hannes and Elmarie de Beer.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic party. Caitlyn was looking so grown up and it looks like everyone had heaps of fun.
Happy Birthday Caitlyn!
From Bridget and Pete

Anonymous said...

It looks like a wonderful party! The girls look adorable. The gifts look like fun! The cake looks delicious! What more can you ask for. Happy 2nd Birthday dear Caitlin.

Anonymous said...

You are a sneaky mom! But if tricking makes the food go down before the treats, way to go.

Your daughters are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Caitlyn
That cake looks lovely. We also had a cake yesterday to celebrate your birthday as Connor was really upset that he couldn't be there with you and Bianca.
He sends lots of hugs and kisses and says Happy Birthday.
Love Aunty Sharon

Lorene said...

Happy birthday Caitlyn, you are such a lucky girl to have been spoilt so much.

PS Bianca is looking beautiful


Amanda said...

Looks like lovely party! She seems like such a sweet little girl!

Anonymous said...

Looks like she had a great time. Happy Birthday Caitlyn!