A busy weekend

On Thursday Terence had his birthday and we had a small family celebration with just the four of us at home for him. We baked a cake, we had balloons (because as far as the girls are concerned you have to have balloons on your birthday which was really just an excuse to have a balloon fight) and he got a few presents and Bianca even made him a card (and she wrote "To Lea" on the outside just in case he discovered the card and that way she could trick him). And then our weekend started with a public holiday - Friday was Waitangi day here in New Zealand and so Terence spent the day at home.

Recently we've made some really cool new friends through Facebook and so on Saturday we caught up with Chantelle, Elize and Kelli (and family) and had a really nice time chatting and eating supper and around 8pm we left for home as Caitlyn needed to go to bed. This afternoon we caught up with another relatively new friend (although we've been chatting on Facebook for a while and our kids go to the same school). And finally we managed to catch up. The last time Mika and I caught up was when I was at the beach with Bianca and Caitlyn (all by myself (and I had to keep running after Caitlyn). So Bianca had a great time catching up with Annie (sorry Mika, can't remember how to spell Annie's full name). At some point during the visit Terence went to go and get Caitlyn who woke up from her nap and he called me and told me to go and look in Bianca's room. Got there and Bianca had taken out all her toy tea cups, plates and stuff and set them out nicely on a little table. Okay, so that's cool. And then just to be creative and make things interesting Bianca decided that empty cups weren't that interesting and what better to fill that up with a mixture of liquid soap and water and sprinkle with some of her toy makeup. So we've had to have a nice chat with Bianca and discussed why she couldn't do that, especially in her room with a carpet. Lucky the mess wasn't too bad and we managed to prevent any stains on the carpet.

And then in typical leukemia fashion - right now Terence is at the hospital with Bianca. We noticed a bruise by her port, but have no idea how long it has been there. We do know that she was accessed on the 19th of January and we are not sure if it is as a result of that or if her platelets might be a bit low again. So right now they are waiting for blood results and if all goes well will be home soon. I am hopeful her platelets have not dropped which would then probably mean that oral chemo would be put on hold (and we've just been increased to 75% dose), so fingers crossed it is nothing to worry about.


superrelish said...

Other than the side trip to the hospital, it sounds like you all had a fantastic weekend. Happy birthday Terrence, I hope you and Bianca are back home from the hospital very soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
I was just wondering how it was going with Bianca's port. I hope it was nothing serious.
Happy birthday to Terrence too!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Yes I am wondering the same thing about Bianca's port. Hoping all is well.
Rosemary NY

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,

We're crossing our fingers in San Francisco.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Sorry to hear about the unscheduled hospital trip.