Back on daily oral chemo

Last night Bianca was fussy again. The dreaded shingles! The rash is definitely busy disappearing, but I think it gets quite itchy or sore around bedtime. I don't think Bianca sleeps very well at the moment and that then leads to her being quite tired during the day. So a bad cycle that we are busy getting into that may end up being hard to break. I truly hope and pray that we never have to get shingles again!

We thought she would be up for ballet today, she certainly seemed happy and good this morning. Later this afternoon, she became quite sad and tired and Sanna realised Bianca wasn't really up for ballet today. In a way a good thing because it was pretty cold, windy and rainy today.

Tonight (after a 10 day break) we are back on our daily chemo routine. So we are now back at timing Bianca after supper as we need to give it after supper on an empty stomach. It is not so much the empty stomach, but the mercaptopurine cannot be given with anything remotely resembling dairy or citrus, so if we give it on an empty stomach, then we make sure of this.

I read the latest update on Lucy Laws and things are certainly looking so much better than initially. Proof that miracles do happen!


Lindsay said...

I am so glad that her shingles are beginning to clear up. I pray that she begins feeling even better and sleeps better in the upcoming nights. I know that if my babies are not sleeping well, either can I. It seems that it has been a little rough for her as she has started Maintenance. I see so many similarities between our families and am inspired by how wonderfully strong you have been for your family. It is not easy to be strong amist so much pain.

I continue to pray for Bianca and your family!

Hugs and prayers from across the globe!

-Lindsay Warren
St. Louis, MO, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
Thanks for checking in on Pete. He is still only a quarter the dose of Mercaptopurine he is meant to be on. And no ill effects so far. We just had to repeat his blood test for the 4th time, so we still don't know what his count is. Surely this time will work. His poor little fingers...
I'm sorry to hear that Bianca is still suffering from the shingles. I hope she can go back to ballet soon.
Good luck with the chemo.
Take care,
Bridget and Peter

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I dont know if it is of any help but we let Leonie eat just before bed with her siblings and then wake her about 11 when we are going to bed with her tablets and some water. She never remembers in the morning taking them and she is half zonked taking them. Its really handy to do it on dex eh it is hard to keep her off food.

downeyseven said...

Isn't it strange how the new normal is comforting and a blessing. I read the story on Lucy Laws and our prayers go to her and Bianca tonight