So not just bruises...

So you think bruises are just bruises? I certainly thought so before. But now I know that a bruise could be because of a bump, or because of low platelets, recently with Bianca's shingles I also learned that a bacterial infection could present itself looking like bruises and now also know that when your liver doesn't work 100% it could also look like a bunch of bruises. Still confusing though, because to me they still look just like bruises.

So during Bianca's brief stay in hospital she didn't need platelets at all. She is still neutropenic which basically means that Bianca's body doesn't have the ability to fight infections very well and so she is at high risk of picking up even the slightest cold. So right now we need to avoid other people. I'm a bit disappointed with that, because it is not fun being stuck at home.

Bianca's liver doesn't work 100% at the moment. We thought perhaps she looked a little bit pale, but of course at the hospital under the bright white lights she apparently looked a bit yellow. The doctor indicated this is because she is not over her shingles as yet and it is still lurking in her system. So verdict: "off chemo for the next 2 weeks and back on aciclovir". Because apparently shingles and chemotherapy don't mix very well and can affect the liver. Never a dull moment...

Bianca really enjoyed the stay. She was extremely brave with her finger prick. But then they also had to draw blood from her hand and before the time prepared several spots on her hands and arms in case they had difficulty with one spot. For this they put the skin numbing cream on with a dressing and then when it was ready was able to draw blood. By that time Bianca was asleep and so she wasn't even aware of them drawing blood from her hand. But this morning she screamed like crazy when Terence had to try and remove the dressing from her hands and arms.

Bianca was discharged early this afternoon and Terence had to drop Bianca off here before getting the medicines from the pharmacy because going to the shopping center is a big no-no for Bianca at the moment. Until the liver function is back to normal, no paracetamol because apparently it is not very good for person's liver. And no chemo for the next two weeks.

We are due back in on Wednesday for a checkup.

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LindaI said...

Sigh.... now Bianca dear... it is supposed to be easy in maintenance! Poor girl!!!! ((((((HUGS))))))

I hope the two weeks go fast and you can get her on the up and up again!

Thanks for explaining things more. It is very interesting and educational for me to learn from you.

Now I have Philip who does have ALL who learns from us. Noone wants to go through it but it really helps to have someone you can look to! Thank you!