Last day of steroids for this month...

Last day of steroids for this month. Until next month...

Today was a better day and Bianca was much happier, although a bit more clingy. Bianca was also more obsessed with food today.

Bianca is totally hooked. Her favourite shows at the moment are Speedy Gonzales and then Donald Duck in a cartoon with chipmunks called "Three for Breakfast" and she kept asking to watch it over and over again and each time she would just giggle away. It is so funny!

I'm staying at home this week as Sanna is on leave and Terence needs to be at work and it is great spending some extra time with the girls. Although they do keep me really really busy.

Bianca is getting so excited about the Easter Bunny coming for a visit soon. We'll have to get her to find some easter eggs for her baby sister.

On the 8th of April we have a meeting with the school to discuss Bianca's specific needs. I'm so glad things are moving along. After this meeting we will start setting up visits to the pre-school for Bianca. This is in preparation for when Bianca starting pre-school beginning May. And then in the third term Bianca will start junior school. So soon we will go shopping for uniform. For Bianca the most exciting part will be choosing a lunch box.

And then in the meantime I am anxiously waiting for some more applications for a new au pair. Sanna will be leaving end of April and we will miss her just so much. She very much became part of our family.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lea and family,
I have been following your journey through this blog site and am constantly amazed by all your strength and the way you just get on with it. You are all inspirations.
We are moving to Australia next week however I will continue to 'drop in' to see how you are doing.
Best wishes with the treatments, and prayers that Biance continues to grow well and remain the funny and optimistic little girl that she is.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone :) Last day of steroids, GREAT! And I'm so glad that everything is starting to work out with the school and everything :) Mattias and I are now in Rotorua, but we will catch the bus to Taupo in about an hour. Yesterday we did the white rafting thing - pretty cool and I do have some nice photos of it. Today we've been walking around, seen lots of thermal springs, really amazing but the smell is quite bad. I miss the girls lots, give them hugs from me and take care of you all :) See you next week!
Lots of love