A tv appearance at the start of the CCF appeal week!

What a day!

This morning we went to the TVNZ studios in Avalon (Lower Hutt). We got there and had to go to the make-up room. Bianca felt all important when they put lip gloss on her lips.

Then we went to the Green Room where we had to wait until it was time to go through. It was so exciting meeting all these well-known people. Steve Price is just such a down-to-earth person. He is a rugby league player and is also the ambassador for the Child Cancer Foundation. It was so cool meeting him. And of course it was so great meeting the presenters from Good Morning. We briefly saw Sarah Bradley. We also met Steve Gray and Brendon Pongia (they were the presenters interviewing us). They are great fun and Bianca loved the attention. Steve does movie reviews for Good Morning and at one point he asked Bianca what her favourite show is and she answered "Dora".

Then we had to go through for the interview. It is so amazing to see the setup and also the way they work. Good Morning is a live broadcast and things happen pretty fast. Our part of the interview was pretty quick and at the end of it Brendon asked Bianca if she would like to say hello to anybody and she said "hello Daddy" and then also added "hello Sanna".

It was so cool. What a great experience.

This was the start of the annual appeal for The Child Cancer Foundation. Bianca wore a special t-shirt which is being sponsored by JK Kids Gear and is available at JK Kids stores. For every t-shirt sold The Child Cancer Foundation gets $10. Look out for the street collectors this week, they will also sell a special blue bead on a bracelet that represents the special bravery beads that the cancer kids get for every procedure that they go through. This bead is also available at places like Mad Butcher and a few other outlets. So lots happening this week. Without this much-needed fundraising the Child Cancer Foundation would not be able to give us the support that they do and without the support they give us as a family it will be so incredibly hard to walk this journey. So this is your chance to help children like Bianca.

Here you can see the t-shirt that Bianca was wearing, it is so cute. Look out for it at JK Kids Stores - remember for every t-shirt sold, CCF gets $10! Bianca was also wearing her own beads and then the one around her wrist is an example of the one that will be sold this week.

This is an example of the bead that will also be on sale - it represents the bravery beads the kids get during their treatment.

It was so cool to meet Steve Price.

After our television appearance we went back home to drop Bianca off at home and Terence and I went to work. I had a busy time at work and at around 4pm got a call from Jo from the hospital. She left a message on my cell phone asking if we could please bring Bianca along for a finger prick. At the beginning of the second month of Maintenance they increased Bianca's dosage of daily chemo and then when she got shingles, they stopped her chemo until last week. They then instructed us to carry on as before on the same dosage. So I guess they should have perhaps checked her levels before starting chemo again to see if it was still necessary to be on the same dosage. So hopefully tomorrow we will get the results and with luck her levels haven't gone down too much.

Bianca felt pretty good today and so she managed to go to ballet. I am so pleased about that.

All in all a very exciting day and we managed to participate in the annual appeal!


Anonymous said...

That's very exciting about Bianca being on tv. I wish that I had seen it.
Good luck with the counts.
All the best,
Bridget and Peter

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! well done Bianca for your TV interveiw. I wish we had seen it. I am a big fan of Brendan Pongia's he is an awesome guy and an ambassador for cure kids. he was at a ticket to hope weekend Samuel(13) and I went on last year. He was so good with the kids and cried when he said goodbye. Glad to hear you have been to ballet.
Love Hannah and Laura

Brian, Jennifer, Stella said...

We saw you on TV! That was excellent!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a day!!! How excitingit must have been. Glad everything went well.