One little step at a time

We are back on track with our chemo schedule and even though it means more effort and it could cause side-effects, it does feel safe being back on chemo. Being on chemo means that we can fight those cancer cells.

Today marks 9 months since Bianca was diagnosed. 18 More months to go. It feels unreal and in a way it feels as if we have always walked this journey. The time before Bianca became sick feels as if it was part of a different lifetime. Life has very much become "routine". Especially in the evenings. Give Bianca supper around 4pm or 5pm. Set the alarm. Then 2 hours later - "beep, beep, beep". "Okay Bianca, medicine time!", then set the clock for 1 more hour and then bed time. And at the moment she gets other meds 4 times a day as well. It will feel so strange one day when we won't have to give medicines anymore, I'm sure it will feel as if something is missing!

The shingles still bothers Bianca around bedtime - I can't wait until it is finally gone. At the moment we have to give Nurofen for pain and Calemine Lotion for the itchiness. It feels quite distressing when it gets around evening and she starts crying because she is sore. And then the sigh of relief when the pain meds kick in. It is quite weird, because this is by far not the worst or most distressing thing that has happened to date. But we will get through this, just one little step at a time...

So here is a link for you to go and have a look at. Bianca participated in the one initiative, the Hyundai Wheels of Courage. She put her hand print on the car. These two auctions are for the Child Cancer Foundation, so please pass it on to anybody who might be interested.

Now don't forget that next week is the Child Cancer Appeal week.

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