Thank you for good moods!

I am so so glad that we are done with the steroids for this month. Bianca was in such a good mood today. None of the other chemo and regular medicines affect Bianca too much mood-wise (of course with each one there are some side-effects to keep in mind), but the steroids... well that's a different story all-together. So I am really pleased it is only 5 days each month.

This morning Bianca drew a picture and then took her one book titled "I love you all the time" and the then looked at the words and wrote on her sheet of paper "I love you all the time". She loves writing and she is pretty good at forming her letters.

Bianca is so excited because tomorrow she gets to play with one of her best friends, Amy. She hasn't seen Amy since the last visit to Polyhigh (the daycare center Bianca used to go to). Bianca keeps talking about Amy and writing Amy's name and I think she's really missing her friend. But tomorrow we will meet Amy and her family at Aotea Lagoon where they will play and feed the ducks. I haven't yet decided if we will take Caitlyn along or not. I guess we will see if she is tired or not when it is time to leave. Amy might also be doing ballet next term and that would just be so exciting for Bianca to be able to do ballet with her friend.

Today was Sanna's birthday (Happy Birthday Sanna). She is on leave at the moment so we ended up just giving her some money so she could do something special on her trip. Sanna, we're waiting for those photos! The kids do miss their "like big sister" a lot and when I asked Bianca who will be coming to visit (meaning the Easter Bunny), she asked "Is it Sanna?"

Yesterday I made a new friend on Facebook. It was pretty much a coincidence, but it turned out that this lady lives really close to us and she has been following our blog. So that is pretty cool. She volunteered to let Bianca spend some time with their one dog and that would be so exciting for Bianca. Bianca just loves animals.

Speaking of animals - Bianca has been asking for a kitten. In fact she drew me a picture of the kitten she would love to have. She already told me that she would be very very gentle with the kitten and not like George on The Go Show (George is a short cartoon story on The Go Show where he does something and then they discuss the things he did and discuss if there are better ways to handle something). Unfortunately Bianca is not allowed a kitten at the moment. Our rental agreement does not allow us to have a kitten and kids with leukemia are not allowed kittens either (I did try my luck before trying to get a cat because we had mice and Doctor Anne very definitely said no). So, we'll just have to wait until the right time.

I feel quite sad that yet another child passed away because of cancer. Little Kimberley Fayette passed away yesterday. She was diagnosed with AML (a form of leukemia) in March 2005 at the age of 6.5 months. My heart really goes out to her family and I pray that they will find comfort during this very difficult time. I find so many different blogs and journals and even though I will probably never meet most of them, you do get to know them quite well. So it really breaks my heart when I read updates like these, knowing how very long and hard this journey must have been for them.

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Anonymous said...

Hi everybody :) thank you so much! Bianca, guess what - today I did something that was actually quite sore..I know your magical creme that you put on your port would have helped me a lot, but that would be cheating. Anyway, I'll show you all when I get home. And the photos :) I hope the easter bunny brings you something really special and make sure that no pirates steal it :) Miss you! Lots of hugs and love