Dexamethasone... what more can I say?

Yesterday was an interesting day. The Dex hit us pretty much as soon as we all got up. Bianca was emotional and sad the whole day, and it did not help that she bumped her foot as she was playing with her dad and then not long after that fell off his lap as they sat on a chair.

We ended up having lunch at a restaurant in the city where they make curly fries - Bianca calls them "piggy fries", but she ended up not eating much at all. Caitlyn on the other hand fully made up for that...

And then just to brighten your day:

For the first time ever we had somebody obviously staring at Bianca. It started feeling a bit uncomfortable and I felt tempted at one point just to ask this lady if there was a problem or if she had any questions.

On the way back we had to go past the shops and Bianca reminded her dad to get her a "stick chocolate bar". This time round she has cravings for Kit Kat chocolate bars. Bianca fell asleep when we were waiting at the shops and when she eventually woke up she tearfully asked if her dad remembered to buy her the "stick bar chocolate".

Then out of desperation Terence put on some classic cartoons - Speedy Gonzales, Tom and Jerry, Pluto and Donald Duck. Bianca just giggled and giggled.

And then it was bedtime. It's been a long time since Bianca cried so much and for so long and it turned out that her foot was still pretty sore. She settled down after we gave some pain meds.

Thank goodness tomorrow is the last day of the Dex for this month.

Today was a better day. We even went to ballet this afternoon. Bianca enjoyed it so much. Even though Bianca still had the shortest hair in the class, she now has a full head of hair. The day that it is long enough, Bianca and I are shopping for hair clips.

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