Today was a very very exciting day for us. Bianca and I were interviewed by The Breeze Easy Morning Wake up show with Steve and Stephanie. I often listen to this show so I was so excited to be able to meet them and see how it works behind the scenes. It was an informal setup and when we arrived we could pretty much be in the studio during the time that we were there. It was so cool watching them deliver the traffic report and inviting callers to phone in for a competition.

Here Bianca is sitting in Stephanie's chair.

They have this spinning wheel in the one corner that they use for competitions and I honestly thought that it was a sound effect they usually play, I did not think that they would have a real spinning wheel there. And so Bianca had a chance to spin the wheel and Stephanie let her win a prize. Bianca got the nicest story book for kids. Afterwards I realised I forgot to ask them to sign the inside front cover, so I will have to ask them to write Bianca a little note on a small piece of paper that I can stick inside the book.

And then we had our interview and apart from one or two shy moments, Bianca did pretty well.

Oh wow, it was so great. We had lots and lots of fun and Steve and Stephanie are absolutely fantastic!

So then it was off to the hospital and on the way I realised that with all the excitement I forgot to put the skin numbing cream (Emla cream) on so that they can access Bianca's port. So when we got there, we had to wait a whole hour before they could access her port. Today I was also reminded why we don't usually take Caitlyn with us to the hospital. That would be because I had to keep running after her. I don't have to ever go to gym, we have our very own little gym right here at home...

Bianca got her morning dose of Dexamethasone. Today is day 1 of 5 for this month's Dexamethasone. I cannot believe that we are entering the third month of maintenance already.

After an hour they accessed Bianca's port. Bianca got to play with the modified doll that Chris and Kate made to let the children draw the doll's "blood". That was so cool and afterwards Bianca said "I was being a nurse".

They administered the Vincristine which is a chemo through Bianca's port and then it was time to go home via the pharmacy to pick up Bianca's oral chemo. Apart from the daily Mercaptopurine she will also be getting her weekly oral Methotrexate (chemo) tonight. So pretty much business as usual.


Anonymous said...

Hi wanted to check in & see how everybody was.Sending my prayers & (((Hugs))).

Amanda Perkins (Ethan's mommy)

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Thank you so much for my birthday present! I realised now that there's no turning back, tomorrow we will be jumping off the Auckland bridge...keep your fingers crossed! Today we've been on a tour around Auckland, it's amazing, beautiful, although I do feel a bit lost - this is probably the biggest city I've ever been to. Give the girls a big hug from me, I miss you all. Thanks again, and I will keep photos as evidence! Lots of love

Lindsay said...

I am so glad to see all the smiles on Bianca's face and the fairy stories...how wonderful! Congratulations on making it to your 3rd month of Maintenance...that is awesome! I also wanted to say that the song you linked to in a blog from the other day, "Braid my Hair" is beautiful! It does speak directly to the story of our little girls! Taylor and I listen to the song and belt it out together. Our own little version of Music Therapy. She finds a lot of strength in it. Thank you so much for shairing your families journey and that song.

Hugs and Prayers!
-Lindsay and Taylor
St. Louis, MO, USA

Lindai said...

oh wow, vincristine and dex on maintenance.... I was hoping those days would be over. Smart move on keeping bianca shirtless for her port accessing. Tristan Always has a shirt on and it is a HUGE deal when he gets accessed. But it is cold here so....

You guys look so great and like you had an awesome time. How amazing all the different experiences you are having. What memories!