Bruises, bruises, bruises

Bruises, bruises, bruises. Today I counted around 18 or 19 bruises on Bianca's legs and arms. Bianca is due in on Monday to check her blood levels to see if they have gone up sufficiently to start chemo again. So we decided to call the hospital to check if it would be better to check it out tonight rather than wait until Monday, just in case Bianca suddenly needs platelets. So they left around 19:30 tonight.

Terence then phoned and said that the test came back a bit too low and she will need a further blood test, but they cannot take it from her port it had to be taken from her hand and arm as I understand (not sure what they call this test), so they will stay the night and then we'll see when the results come back.

As far as I know Bianca is still neutropenic meaning her neutrophils are still too low and we should still avoid other people as she is at high risk of picking something up. Until they pick up sufficiently she will be off chemo, and whilst the thought of being off chemo does feel a bit scary (because treatment feels "safe"), we are taking advantage of not having to worry about what time Bianca eats and so on, so we are just taking it pretty easy in that respect.

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Anonymous said...

Still praying. Bruises stink. At least we get that warning. Hope she is doing better very soon!