What a weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend!

On Friday morning Bianca had a play date with her friend Amy. We met up with Bonnie, David, Amy and her two brothers at Aotea Lagoon. The kids fed the ducks, ate some picnic food and played. Bianca and Amy just had the best time ever, it really made Bianca's day seeing her friend again after such a long time.

On Saturday morning Bianca and her dad went to the Porirua New World which is where we pretty much always shop. We like this shop because their hours are convenient and the service is great! There is a lady there (sorry I don't have her name) and whenever she sees us she always asks how we are doing. So she gave the girls each an Easter egg as a present. Wow, thank you so much! That was totally unexpected and very much appreciated!

Later in the day I had to go to the shops by myself as I had to give the Easter Bunny a hand with getting some Easter eggs for the kids. Let me tell you, there is nothing like last minute and if it wasn't for the last minute nothing would ever get done! The shops were so so busy and I really struggled to find parking. In a way it was a good thing to go because K-Mart had 20% off all their Easter eggs so I was able to buy a whole lot at much cheaper.

Last night Terence went to the Rock2Wgtn concert here in Wellington and there were performances by Kiss, Alice Cooper and Lordi. Not really my taste, so Terence went with somebody from his work. Thank you very very much to the performers, promoters and The Child Cancer Foundation who made it possible for us to have the tickets. Terence had the best time ever and he thoroughly enjoyed it!

This morning at around 6am I ran around the back yard to help the Easter Bunny hide some Easter eggs. After Bianca woke up the Easter Bunny rang the doorbell. Well, it must have been him because he left a note and a bag to collect eggs. So Bianca then got the important job of hunting for eggs. Well, I never saw her dress herself so quick and her whole face just lit up. She had a great time. We made sure she had her breakfast first and kept some chocolate eggs for tomorrow. Of course this was pretty much the first time Caitlyn had chocolate and later in the day I found her in the dining room area where she grabbed a chocolate egg from the table and ate most of that egg. The little rascal! She just grinned.

This afternoon Terence and Bianca went to the beach and they had so much fun digging in the sand, running into the water and exploring the rock pools. They even saw some live creatures in some of the rock pools.

Tonight I created two new groups on Facebook. The one is called Brave kids fighting cancer. This is pretty much for anybody to join regardless of where they stay. The other is called Kids with cancer in New Zealand and this one is specifically aimed at people who belong to the New Zealand network on Facebook. So I'll see if these two groups take off. I hope so, because it might be nice to have a forum where people can ask questions on how other people dealt with specific situations and to share photos and links. And of course if there are specific events or initiatives, this will be a great way to share with others.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Lea and Bianca!
It sounds like you have been having a great holiday.
We have just been up at Matakana staying with the boys grandparents and cousins. We left in a hurry when a tummy bug started appearing. Hopefully we escaped in time.
Steroids this week, which I am dreading. And a lumbar puncture, groan!
Have a great week!
take care,
Bridget and Peter