Daddy's day with the girls

Today Daddy got to spend the day with his two most favourite girls in the whole world. Sanna is on leave and so Terence was off as I had to be at work. They took the train to the one shopping center and bought some groceries before coming back home. Terence realised that Caitlyn definitely does not like going on the train. It is not so much the train, but a 1 year old does not like being strapped into her pram when there are so many things to see and play with on a train.

Tonight Bianca and Terence are baking cup cakes to leave for the fairies. Hmm, I wonder what they might bring to say thank you...

Tomorrow will be a bit of a busy and interesting day. Bianca and I will have a radio interview with The Breeze. If you go into their website you need to select "Wellington" and you will be able to see the frequency and I see they have an option to listen online. So this will be very exciting.

Then after that Bianca has her hospital appointment. I expect it will probably take a while. It is Bianca's monthly appointment, so she will get her monthly Vincristine through her port, she will start the Dexamethasone for 5 days of this month and of course her usual Mercaptopurine in the evenings and her weekly Methotrexate. We will probably wait for blood test results as the pharmacy in the city is the best to get her chemo from and we will be right there anyway. Bianca will also be seen by her doctor.

So it will be quite interesting to see how all of this goes with Caitlyn. I have a feeling she will be quite fussy because she is bound to miss her morning sleep. But we don't have much of a choice as Terence needs to be at work tomorrow.
Tonight Bianca decided that she wanted to pretend doing a TV interview with Terence and so she pretended her skipping rope was a microphone that had to go underneath his shirt and stuck out at the top and the other end had to be at the back. And then she asked him a couple of questions before saying "stop". Brendon and Steve, I think you have competition!!!


Anonymous said...

That was such a cool video! Bianca, I can just see you as an interviewer when you get older. You did a great job with your dad.
I hope the hospital appointment goes well.
Take care,
Bridget and Peter

Anonymous said...

Bianca is sooo cute!