A present from the fairies

Yesterday Bianca baked Brownies with Sanna. She wanted to leave it for the Fairies. And so she wrote a little note for the Fairies "Help yourselves" and then left some Brownies on a plate next to her bed. And somewhere in the night the Fairies came and enjoyed the Brownies. This morning when she woke up she was so excited, because they left her a Princess Torch. And she said "Look what I got" and I asked "Where did you get it?" and she said "The Fairies left it for me, and look they ate the Brownies". I then said "Oh I want a torch too" and she said "well, you didn't leave anything for the Fairies". Bianca saw a new magazine series called Felicity Wishes that is a magazine with activities and comes with stuff. The first one comes with a fairy doll and outfit and as you go on collecting the series there are all sorts of outfits to collect for the doll. I think she had her heart set on getting this from the fairies, so I'll need to go and see if I can find it so the Fairies have something to leave next time.

Tomorrow the Aciclovir is finished. This is the anti-viral that Bianca has been getting for the shingles. The rash is mostly gone, but very vaguely still there. And of course it is still painful and itchy around bed time. Of course because of this Bianca hasn't been able to go to ballet, which is quite disappointing as she's pretty much only had 1 lesson before she got shingles.

It's been great being back at work. I had a bit of a slow start, but things started picking up. Last week when I started I did wonder if I made the right decision. I was a bit early on this day and so as I sat there on the bench waiting I saw all the people rushing past and I realised how out of place I felt, it's been so so long since I worked. And throughout this journey there are some times when it feels a bit as if you are standing on the "outside looking in", as if things happen around you, but you are not really part of it. But here I am and all settled into the new environment. This is an important step as we walk our journey so that I am able to stay strong and stay focused. And of course this also gives Bianca a chance to gain confidence again and to feel comfortable that she doesn't always need me around.

This weekend we don't have any definite plans and we will be just taking things as they come along and most of all just enjoy spending time together.

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