A bit of drama just to keep us on our toes

Of course we weren't going to finish without some drama, that would just be too easy and too straightforward. Last night Terence asked me how many more tablets we would need of our mercaptopurine to see us through to the 11th. Now around 5 weeks ago we counted the tablets and I took my list of all my tablets with me to our clinic appointment and we worked out how much more we would need and so we got a script for that. So when Terence said we have about 8 tablets left we suddenly realised that we need 10 tablets in total to get to the 11th and I guess I must have counted wrong when we counted it 5 weeks ago, which is entirely possible because we had to put in our hand wearing a rubber glove (it being chemo) and counted it out and of course 5 weeks ago we had many more tablets. Urggh! This is so frustrating. Now I have to phone Bianca's doctor and ask for a script for 2 tablets.

On the other hand it is great seeing so few tablets left. Only 7 more days...


Anonymous said...

Now, the one good thing about this is that if you tell us all your mistakes, then hopefully we won't do the same thing. Hopefully I will remember this and will get more pills rather than less when we get to the end.
Actually, when I read your title, I thought that Bianca had a fever or something. So I'm really glad that it's not that.
Take care,

Sharon said...

Yay for almost being at the finishing line. I'm just glad that the drama is not quite as bad as I first feared when I read the title!

Anonymous said...

It must feel so wonderful knowing that those pills fit into one hand now.

Not long to go!!!