Not feeling all that well

Bianca started her cancer journey feeling miserable

And she reached her last treatment day... feeling miserable.

She woke up feeling dizzy and then shortly after complained that she was feeling unwell and had a tummy ache. No temperature, but she fell asleep on the couch which is not really something she usually does. I'm hoping it is just one of those "feeling off" kind of days and nothing more (even though I have this tiny little voice in my mind shouting "pack a bag for hospital, pack a bag for hospital"). So I'm keeping her home today and will keep an eye on her.

On the upside - to see our ticker showing that today is the last treatment day is simply a wonderful feeling. We've been keeping a ticker for a while now counting down the months and weeks and finally days and today it shows that it is the last day of treatment.

It is funny how this last day just suddenly happened, there was a time when this journey was dragging along, when it felt long and like an eternity and suddenly the last day of treatment is here. I don't know how Bianca feels about it all as she felt too miserable to care much earlier today. I think tomorrow when she doesn't have to be timed and when she hopefully feels a bit better will be the time she realises that things are different.

Watch the space, I'll do another post later today as we still have 1 more chemo tablet left, and only then will the cancer treatment (chemo part) be done.

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