Hoping it won't rain

Today, apart from burning my finger on the handle of a coffee mug after it's been in the microwave for less than a minute, and getting an instant blister that popped as I pulled my hand away from the mug, and then going to the pharmacy to get some stuff to put on it which smells so bad, but apparently is really good and endorsed by the New Zealand burns unit or something and afterwards feeling very sorry for myself , nothing much happened. It was one of those very ordinary, almost boring days, but we like days like those. So no complaints here (other than my finger is still a bit sore and how inconvenient that it has to be my right hand too).

I noticed this morning that Bianca's hair has become nice and thick and hopefully soon her hair will start growing long. We are able to make a small ponytail at the top of her head, but she really wants proper ponytails like we make for Caitlyn. I must say that we are so used to her with short hair now that it is hard to imagine what she will look like once her hair is long.

I haven't done much with the photo collage just yet. I will start working on it shortly and I want to thank all of you who sent photos and emails. It is so great to get these and they mean a lot to us. I'll be printing these photos shortly so if you still want to send your photo, please email it to Leawhite2109@hotmail.com, we couldn't have done this without your support!

As for end of treatment celebrations, we are well on track and we are so excited. But more on this shortly. I can say that we will be doing something this weekend and we plan something next week... I'm hoping though that we won't have rain!


Sharon said...

Oooh! I think u should include a photo of the CHOC party we had last year with all the presents as a reminder to Bianca of how she inspired so many people!!! Let me know if you're keen and I'll email you one!

Anonymous said...

I think she'll look super with long hair - not that she doesn't with short hair but I'm sure that she can't wait to grow it :)

My advise - have a back up plan for the celebrations *just* in case Mother Nature does not play along with you...


Anonymous said...

Ouch, your poor finger. Hope it heals quickly.
I will be hoping that it is beautiful weather for this weekend so that your celebration can go ahead. I'm sure you will have heaps of fun, regardless.
Take care,