What a lovely forecast

Isn't this wonderful?

(Reference: Metvuw)

It seems that the forecast is showing a really nice day tomorrow with no rain predicted. So watch the space. Tomorrow morning at 10am (NZ time) will be a very exciting moment for us, we can hardly wait.

But back to today. Things are going well. Slowly but surely we are getting used to the new routine and I must say it is actually quite nice not to have to prepare supper at 4pm, but we can make supper at 5pm or even 6pm if we wanted to. Bianca still has this persistent cough (and thankfully it has not prevented her from going to school) and Caitlyn has the odd cough too which is frustrating from time to time (especially at night) and I do hope that this will pass pretty quickly.

Tomorrow some time we are meant to take Bianca for a blood test at one of the community labs as her oncologist really just wants to see that her levels are still increasing. I'm a bit wary actually because it is with the new Labtests (all the Auckland community labs have recently changed over) and so far they have not been the best according to some of the experiences people have had, so it will be interesting to see what happens. I really do hope they don't mess up.

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Sharon said...

Oh my gosh... curiousity killed the cat & I'm so intrigued to know what you're all up to at 10??!!!
Hoping the bloods go well!