Bug alert at our house

Yesterday we spent a nice relaxing morning at the Mt Albert Aquatic Centre and that was so much fun. We have not been to an acquatic centre for a long long time and it was so relaxing and the kids had the best time ever. The day was perfect for it as it was raining and overcast and just simply not an outdoorsy type of day, so the indoor option was the best.

Later after we came home Caitlyn started getting some pretty bad cold symptoms and last night was not fun at all as she coughed and woke up so many times, so each time I would have to get up, walk to her room, give her a sip of water and then sing Sleepy Time Song (I feel quite proud that the kids like my Sleepy Time Song, which I made up when Bianca was just very little still, it is pretty cool that they actually ask for it). Then just as I fell asleep she would cough again and so the night would continue.

Today you could just hear in Caitlyn's voice, she sounded so blocked up and her nose runs and it looks like she might be getting some conjunctivitis too. Urggh, can't remember when last Caitlyn felt this sick, but I'm sure not used to it anymore and just want her to get better now.

But despite how Caitlyn might be feeling, she had moments today where she made us laugh like when I asked her to come and help me with supper and she declared "I too young" and then later we tried to convince her to try wearing some undies and again "I too young to wear undies". Not easy keeping a straight face let me tell you.

This afternoon Bianca and Terence went to watch a movie called Shorts as part of a fundraising initiative by the Make a Wish Foundation. Caitlyn and I stayed at home and afterwards Terence said they showed a short commercial for Make a Wish and 2 of Bianca's Make a Wish photos are in the commercial and she'll have a page in the new calendar. That is so cool!

Here's hoping tonight goes better than last night.


Anonymous said...

Hope Caitlyn feels better soon.


Sharon said...

Very cool indeed! I hope Caitlyn gets better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
I hope that Caitlyn is feeling a lot better (and that Bianca doesn't get it) and that you had a much better sleep tonight. She really is such a trick with some of her sayings.
And most of importantly of all, we all hope that you have a lovely birthday today!
Take care,
Bridget and the Pirie Clan

Hannah R said...

Happy Birthday Lea!