Little Monsters on behalf of Bianca

I've been following a pretty cool blog "Simple Inspirations by Sandy". Sandy makes the coolest things with polymer clay and I must say I've been wanting to try my hand at making some stuff too, but haven't had the opportunity yet and in the meantime I am learning from Sandy.

One of the really cool initiatives that she is involved with is to make Bottles of Hope for Toronto Sick Kids and recently even made a Monster Hug for somebody. She makes these cute little monsters holding her bottles of hope, each little monster looks different and has its own little personality. Recently Sandy wrote to me asking if Bianca would like her to make some special monsters that she can make on behalf of Bianca to send to some children at Toronto Sick Kids. So Bianca had a bit of a look at some of the other monsters on the site and then suggested that the ones on behalf of her should be pink / purple (of course) and she particularly liked one of the swirly monsters.

And today I saw the monsters that Sandy made on behalf of Bianca (you can see them here). They are simply beautiful! When I showed Bianca her face lit up and she said "they're perfect!". Thank you Sandy, for letting Bianca be part of brightening another child's day. And wow, you are doing such an amazing thing for these kids. People like you really make such a huge difference in this world!


Sharon said...

That is so special! Don't you just love how the internet connects us to the most amazing people all over the world. How we can touch sombody's life or be touched by somebody from thousands of miles away!

Anonymous said...

They are amazing! Love love love them!