Life on the homefront

Not much happening on the homefront. I must say it didn't take all that long to get used to our new routine. I now start cooking a little later at night, I haven't had the urge to time Bianca again, and so we are just living life. From time to time during treatment I thought that reaching the end of treatment, I'd suddenly feel this overwhelming fear and worry because suddenly we're off treatment and the "safety net" of treatment suddenly disappeared, but so far I haven't felt that way at all. Maybe it is still coming, maybe it won't come simply because I've never allowed the "what ifs" to take over. Maybe because Bianca still has daily medicines that makes it feel not quite real that we're off treatment. Who knows? Either way, we are not complaining. Today I phoned to see if Bianca's blood test results came back after the test we did on Friday at the new Labtests. I've read some not-so-good stories in the news about them so was wondering if it would become frustrating dealing with them, but today I was pleasantly surprised to find Bianca's blood results were waiting at the hospital. Her neutrophils came up to 1.43 or something like that, so they are definitely coming up which is great because that means that Bianca has some fighting ability against Caitlyn's bugs.

The only frustration that remains is Bianca's eating. She is quite willing (I won't go so far as to say happy) to eat what we make her and she knows it is not really negotiable anymore, but boy does she eat slowly. An hour, hour and a half later she'll still sit with her plate of food half full. We simply don't know how to convince her to eat quicker. So it is a bit frustrating for both Terence and I at the moment.

We've found a way to give Caitlyn her eye drops - just wait until she is fast asleep. We did it late this afternoon when she fell asleep in the car and she didn't even wake up when Terence quietly put the eye drops into her eyes - brilliant! Of course the same new strategy doesn't work so well with the nose spray and she hates that as much as ever. I managed one nosteril and then she chased me out of her room. Oh well, I guess tomorrow we are back at holding her down which I must say is one of the most traumatic things to witness and be part of, to watch her struggle and fight like that and then finally just crying... Not fun at all, let me tell you. Just a pity that she doesn't quite grasp the concept "the medicines will make you feel better".


Sharon said...

I hope Bianca's eating habits improve soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lea, I have heard that it can take a few months after the end of treatment for appetite to come back, and for foods to start tasting normal again. So hopefully with time Bianca will be more into eating.
take care,

ktrierson said...

When my sister was younger she was a slow eater. She once took about 45 minutes to finish a piece of toast. My parents made it sort of a game. Kind of like try to finish when dad finishes. She loved the challenge.

I hope Bianca starts eating better and enjoying her food.