It occured to me today...

Today I realised two things. One - that I'm quite possibly going crazy. I lost my ipod. Don't ask me how or why, but I felt quite upset because it was my birthday present from Terence last year. I don't listen to it every day and so it was still in the bag Bianca and I took to hospital with us when we went last week. Last week I unpacked the bag in quite a hurry for some reason and so I put everything that I took from there to one side. On Saturday I remember looking at it and thinking it might be nice taking it with me to Crystal Mountain, and so we rushed around and eventually left for Crystal Mountain. On Sunday when we planned to go to Kids Republic I suddenly thought how nice it would be to take my ipod along because for most of it the kids are able and happy to play by themselves. So I looked and looked and all I could remember was that I saw it just the previous day, but couldn't remember what and if I did anything with it after that. It really bugged me but it was time to leave so I left it at that. Since then I've been searching high and low for it and simply can't find it. All I remember is looking at it on Saturday. Did I take it? Can't remember. Did I move it? Can't remember. So this morning I rang all the places we went to on Saturday - the library in Brown's Bay "no sorry, nobody handed in a pink ipod", the Foodtown grocery store "no sorry, nothing here", Crystal Mountain (well they did not actually answer their phones and in the end I sent them an email - still waiting) and I even rang the Brown's Bay police station "sorry ma'am, we didn't have anything handed in". So after that I felt pretty down. And what do you know. This afternoon when I went through the pockets of the tracksuit pants I wore on Saturday before we left, what would I find? My ipod. Yeah!!!! I must have taken it, put it in my pocket thinking I need to put it in the bag and then got busy with something else and as usual everything was a bit of a rush in the end and I totally forgot about it after that.

The second occured to me today. Every Tuesday Bianca has a sewing lesson for an hour in Brown's Bay. It is a waste to have to go there, drop her off, go back home and then have to go back shortly after getting back home, so it is better to keep myself busy during that hour until she is finished. And so today as I walked around the shopping area visiting some of the shops there, buying some second-hand books for the kids at some or the other charity outlet (I simply love looking for second-hand books and found 5 children's books for $5.50), looking at the shop with the wool (hmmm, might be nice to try and knit again, although I do have that unfinished miniature teddy that I started last year...), walking through the gift shop and the library (and borrowing the complete Chronicles of Narnia) and as I walked around, the sun was shining, the sky the most beautiful blue and the trees all with brand new little leaves, a beautiful spring day. It occured to me how appropriate that Bianca is about to finish her treatment. After all spring signals new life, new beginnings, and so every year September, each time I notice the brand new leaves on the trees I will be reminded of finishing Bianca's cancer treatment and entering a brand new chapter, our "new beginning". I simply can't wait for Friday!


Sharon said...

Its most appropriate! Spring is like rebirth, its light after months of dark and sunshine after the rain. Its a wonderful new beginning for you all!
P.S. I also have a pink iPod & would be crushed if I lost it!

Anonymous said...

Glad you found the Ipod in the end honey :)

And Cheers to New beginnings!!