The routines we had

Last night around 6pm I started getting anxious and kept glancing at the clock to see if Bianca was still eating or finished eating. Usually by that time we need her to be finished eating so that we could time her for her chemo and so that she doesn't go to bed too late and I kept wanting to ask her to stop eating, I actually had to stop myself from saying it, several times. I had to keep reminding myself that it really didn't matter that she wasn't finished yet. There really was no rush. We don't have to time her anymore. It feels weird and I expect it will take a little while before we get used to it. After all it's been our routine for so long, so it's understandable that it will take a little time.

Bianca didn't go to school today as she has a bit of a persistent cough, so we'll see how she feels tomorrow morning. Hopefully it goes away soon!

Other than that, things are great this side!


superrelish said...

Your new lives sound like they will be just as hard to become accustomed to as the old life with chemo routines, although they will be filled with much more fun and spontaneous adventures. Enjoy :)

Sharon said...

Glad to hear all is going well!!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet Bianca enjoyed not having to be timed!

Great journey & thank you for sharing what you have so far. I look forward to the pictures of your paua artwork. :)

Bianca - you are such a brave wee girl. You have shown all the adults what real bravery means.

Anonymous said...

Lea, that did make me laugh about the clock-watching over dinner. It's hard to get out of habits like that when you have been doing it for so long.
I hope that both girls are over their colds soon. I was overjoyed (not!) to find that Pete has a cold as well this morning.
Anyway, I hope the paua masterpiece is coming along well.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Way to go, the good days have finally arrived, I know you appreciate the days off treatment and hope the on treatment time will fade in your thoughts. Leonie spent most of last winter with colds, coughs and chesty ailments for about 6 months post chemo. Since then she has hardly had an off day and missed the swine flu despite her dad getting it ! Exhale- you did her proud.

Rosie (Ireland)