No time like the present

It ended up being the most magnificent day today.

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day. I arrived at the hospital armed with all the stuff I would need for an overnight stay and then probably an hour after Terence and Caitlyn left, our doctor came past declaring that he really thought she looked too well to stay in hospital. Not only that, but her blood cultures came back negative, she's had no fevers and her counts are busy coming up. Her neutrophils are sitting around 0.74. And so he charted an antibiotic that would last for 24 hours whereafter we had permission to leave. So I quickly sent a message to Terence to come back for us and it is always then that you suddenly wonder why you end up taking so much stuff to the hospital.

We arrived home around 3:30pm, quickly dropped off all our stuff and decided that there really was no time like the present. Bianca knew that she was going to get something special, but more than that she really didn't know and you should have seen her face light up when we stopped in front of the bicycle shop and told her that she would be able to choose a brand new bike. Just before we left we quickly put Caitlyn's new tricycle in the car and so when we arrived at the bicycle shop Terence took it out so that Caitlyn could "choose it".

And then we took advantage of the great weather and took the girls so they could ride their bikes at Bianca's school. It was simply wonderful to see them having so much fun.

I have to say I'm so used to looking at the clock and I have to keep reminding myself that we can now eat supper like other people do, we don't have to prepare supper at 4pm, we don't have to time Bianca. It is a weird, but wonderful feeling though!

Now weather-permitting, we are all on track for Friday the 18th, I'm so glad Bianca is discharged from hospital!


Sharon said...

Looks like the girls had a great time! LOVE the bike Bianca chose, such a girlie bike! :-)

Anonymous said...

So happy for all of you! Have a wonderful time celebrating! The girls are adorable.

Anonymous said...

What a great day! Im so glad that you finally got to celebrate.
Hugs from Bridget

Hannah R said...

Fab to read that you are back home and had such a lovely family celebration

superrelish said...

It is great to read that you finally finished treatment and the unexpected hospital stay was brief.

Anonymous said...

I love Bianca's bike! And how cute is the photie of the girls together? Nunu!

Whoo hoo for not having to time!!