Busy days

I'm a bit behind in updating and I'm sorry. Things are busy around here, but I'm not complaining because it beats the time when all we ever did was sit around at the hospital waiting for things to happen.

So here is an update:

For a while now Bianca's one tooth has been quite wiggly. And on Friday she had a bit of a mishap, she fell at school and out popped the tooth. At first she was quite upset that she fell, but she left the health room smiling when Mrs Stewart reminded her the tooth fairy would pay her a visit.

Not long to go now - in 4 days time Bianca will be shaving off my hair. Thank you so much to my mom for sponsoring me. My mom has always been so involved in our journey even though she is living so far away from us, she has always supported my participation with Funrazor, she sends weekly emails and so much more. I'm now sitting at $575. If you haven't sponsored me yet, please consider contributing. Every single cent will make a huge difference. And please please spread the word. You can visit my fundraising site here: http://www.fundraiseonline.co.nz/Lea/.

Yesterday (Saturday) we watched Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs and both kids had the best time ever. Of course their favourite part is getting the snacks for the movie, but watcing the movie is great too. This one was a 3D movie and we were curious to see how Caitlyn managed with the special glasses. She did okay for most of the movie and looked so cute.

This morning Bianca and Caitlyn each received a very special video email message from Santa. It was so cute seeing their faces as he knew their ages and names and they could see their photo in his book and he knew what they wanted. It is the cutest thing watching them watch it. Bianca sat there saying "I knew he is real" (of course some of the kids in her class are starting to question I guess and talking about it). Then when we went to the shopping centre today they got to meet Santa and they sat on his lap and we managed to get a photo done. Terence will be looking to scan our original photo that we bought so we can have more than one. I just love this magical time where kids' faces light up at the thought of Christmas and Santa and lots of surprises. Here is a photo I took of the photo they took.

And so far work is going well. I'm still enjoying it. I am responsible for the admin part of things, but have helped out at some of the events and that is so cool. Here is a photo I took when we went to watch a bit of the Sovereign Harbour Crossing the other day. This is a 2.8km swim. We didn't stay too long because Caitlyn became bored pretty quickly, so unfortunately we couldn't watch for very long.

We also do the Beach Series which is every Tuesday on Takapuna Beach and you can either do a 5km run, a swim, paddle, and so on. There is even a 2.5km run for kids.


Anonymous said...

Bianca is too old to believe in the tooth fairy and santa. she needs to be told that they are not real.

Anonymous said...

Lea I am sorry that some people can not let children enjoy what fun and childhood joys they are entitled too particularly after the trials your family have pulled through in faith, strength and courage.

To the anonymous commenter - You are entitled to your own opinions. I would suggest in future you refrain from imposing them on others and be brave enough to sign them if you must share.

With much love to the White family.
Lena, Al and Tyler (firm tooth fairy and Santa believers)

Felicity said...

What a shame that someone thinks that a 6 year old is too old to believe in Santa and the tooth fairy. I remember many years ago when I was 10 years old, a friend told me that Santa didn't exist and I was devastated to say the least. I will never forget it. My kids were 9 when they found out. So hang onto the wonderful fantasy world of Santa, the elves and the tooth fairy and NOT forgetting the Easter Bunny. Children grow up too soon in this day and age. Childhood is such a short time. Let them enjoy as long as they can.