The face of a murderer

Look at this - this is the face of a murderer. A cold-blooded murderer. A man who made a deliberate decision to drink alcohol. A man who made a deliberate decision to then get into a car and then drive and as a result he killed somebody. He is a murderer - plain and simple.

NZ herald article

When I look at this below photo of him sobbing after being found guilty - I feel nothing but disgust. He showed no compassion for anybody else the day he decided to drink and drive. He didn't care that his actions could hurt another person. He only thought of himself. I can't help wondering if he is crying because he truly feels sorry (although that really doesn't matter anymore and all the crying in the world can't fix what he did wrong, it can't bring back this young lady, he simply took her life) or is it that he is crying because he got caught and because he will have to take responsibility for his actions. Is it that they are taking away his "freedom" and he will hopefully have a very long prison sentence and won't have a chance to drink and drive again.

Katie Powles got married just 4 months prior to being killed by this cold-blooded murderer. She just started a brand new life with her husband. They had dreams, goals, and in an instant this monster (above) took her life and devastated and destroyed the life of Katie and her new husband.

Tony Worrell, I hope they make an example of you. I hope you rot in jail for a very very long time. I hope you will forever regret the day you decided to drink and then get into your car and drive off. I hope that the smiling image of Katie and then her mangled car will haunt you for the rest of your life.


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

I couldn't have said that better myself. There's far too much drink driving going on in this country!

Sharon said...

I'm sure he will regret his mistake for the rest of his life.