How to guides

On Sunday night Terence showed me some links on WikiHow.

I must say there were some fairly interesting "how to" guides, and then a whole range of absolutely hilarious ones. Like this one on how to open a bottle of water. Now hands up how many of you have no idea on how to open a bottle of water and have to consult a step-by-step illustrated guide. And not just 2 steps, but 7 steps with a photo illustrating each step.

Of course maybe you have been wondering how to dunk a teddy bear biscuit in a glass of milk. Well now you can find out how in 5 simple steps (sorry no photos with this how-to guide).

Or maybe you need to herd some cats.

And of course what's Halloween unless you can dress up your cat? Here is a guide on how to make halloween wings for your cat (yeah, I can see that one will end in tears, and I don't think it will be the cat...)


Sharon said...

That's hilarious!!!!

Anonymous said...

Um actually my personal slave always opens my water for me - don't you have one of those? *wink*