Last night we lit some sparklers. Bianca was so excited, but Caitlyn wasn't very interested and so watched a show inside while we were outside. Some of the sparklers were ones we bought this past week and they weren't particularly good. Fair enough they sparkled for a fair amount of time, but had very little sparkle, so wasn't overly impressive. We then discovered some that we bought last year and they were much better. I'm not too sure who enjoyed it the most - Terence or Bianca, but either way, the two of them had lots of fun.

This next photo is one of my favourites. When I look at it, I can't help thinking that even when things might seem very dark, we merely have to hold on to a tiny little bit of hope to light up our lives. So there - that's my philisophical moment of the day...

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Sharon said...

Sometimes that tiny glimmer is all we have!