Nearly another hospital visit...

Just a quick update tonight.

Bianca has another hospital visit tomorrow. Terence will be taking her, which will be quite different to how we usually do it as I would normally take Bianca, but I'm working tomorrow so Terence will do this instead. I'm hopeful it will just be a short visit and that she won't need an IVIG tomorrow. I'm keen to see Bianca's blood tests. She has quite a few bruises on her legs and I know that this is likely just because of playing, but one can't help wondering if it might be that her platelets have come down a bit for some or the other reason. So yes, I'm quite keen to see those results.

Thank you very much Del (SuperRelish) for your very generous donation and for spreading the word about Funrazor next week. I'm now sitting at $515 and every little bit will make a big big difference. So far 39% are saying "size zero" and 32% are saying "size one". 7 More days of voting...

Now I'm off to bed as it is way past my bedtime and now that I'm working again we are waking up pretty early in the mornings. I'll write another update tomorrow after Bianca's hospital visit.

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Anonymous said...

Hope all went well with the visit :)