Taking a step into our post-chemo routine

Today is exactly 2 months since Bianca finished her chemo treatment. I can hardly believe it. I wasn't actually counting days and weeks and so on, but we do still have our little ticker widget on the side and that shows 2 months. Wow. When we were still on treatment it sometimes felt as if we would never get to the end of treatment. Especially in the beginning when it felt so far away, it was better just to focus on now and putting one foot in front of the other. And here we are, 2 months past end of treatment.

So it is quite fitting that at this time I am taking my first few steps into our real post-chemo routine - I'm going back to work. I received a job offer for an Office Manager position at a company responsible for Wag 'n Walk, Beach Series and the Ocean Swim Series. I won't be responsible for managing the events, but I'll be taking care of the office and offering all the admin support they need to help them put these events together. What I really like is that this job will offer so much variety and potential for growth and I'm really excited about that.

I'm a little scared too. But don't get me wrong. I am super-excited to be able to go back to work and to have this wonderful opportunity. I know that I will be able to do the job. Sure, there will be new things to learn too, but that's all part of growth and development and that's what I need and want. It is just quite a strange feeling to take these steps into our post-chemo routine. For more than 2 years we had to live in the moment. Planning was out of the question because things so often changed at the last minute. For more than 2 years, the knowledge we gained about leukemia, the routines we had to create, became familiar, it felt safe because we knew it, we sort of knew what to expect, it was our comfort zone. And so this new routine is new, it is different, but it is also needed and necessary and important. It is time to get back on track, Bianca's counts are great. It is time to start living like normal people again. And so I feel extremely blessed at having this great opportunity.

So now I'll have to go clothes shopping so that I can be all ready to start on Monday.


Sharon said...

Congratulations on the new job Lea, very exciting indeed. A new job, a new life, a new journey!
Enjoy the clothes shopping!

Anonymous said...

Whoop Whoop! Way to go on getting the job and having the gutspah to take this new and exciting step post treatment :)

Very very exciting stuff indeed!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Congratulations on your new job and your "new" future. This is so exciting to hear! And yes good luck with your clothes shopping.
Great news.
Rosemary NY

Anonymous said...

I look forward to hearing how the new job goes. I hope that the girls cope with their new routine ok.
And I'm sure you will look cool no matter what you wear. You always have that great smile.

Angela said...

Good Luck for Monday , I'm sure it will all go well ! Enjoy the Shopping :-)