Only 2 weeks to go...

$280 raised so far. Please, please if you haven't yet, please consider sponsoring me. It is just 2 weeks until my big shave. Even if you live in a different country. The site is secure and accepts credit cards. And please spread the word. All the money that I manage to raise will go directly to the Child Cancer Foundation. Every single cent. They need so much to do the wonderful work they do and yet, they don't get any government funding. Cancer doesn't discriminate, it is sneaky and it hits when you least expect it. For many kids treatment takes a long long time, some are lucky like Bianca and copes well with their treatment. Others like little Kyah who passed away today exactly a year ago and little Christopher who has just received news that his cancer has spread to his brain and he has just a few days (maybe as much as 2 weeks) left. I have a whole blog filled with links - most of those belong to children and then a site in memory of those who simply didn't stand a chance. So many of us need places like the Child Cancer Foundation to help us and without their support this journey would have been so incredibly incredibly difficult.

I will shave off my hair in honour of my very brave girl - Bianca. And she will get to shave my hair. She will be there wearing her beads with pride. And I'm asking you to sponsor me in honour of Bianca whose story you have been following for so very long. Her ups and downs, the "joys" of things like steroids, her smile, sometimes a few tears and lots and lots of hospital stays. Please help me reach my goal. Last year I managed to raise over $2,000 and I would be so pleased if I could achieve a similar goal.

I want to say a big thank you to Andrew Taunton, Shelley, Saana, Scott and Tash, Born to Bead, Sabibah and Gawie and family for their generous donations. It will make such a big difference, thank you so very much.

So what will it be this year? Year zero, one or two? Voting on the side!


Anonymous said...

I've donated and also have done a post that will link back to you tomorrow morning.

I hope you reach your target.


Merideth said...

Lea- I would like to donate, however I am in the USA and so I am unsure how to donate correctly. Is there anything I need to do to make sure it goes through successfully? I saw on the donation form where you can click for money exchange but then when I did that I got SOOO confused about what to do next! Any advice on how to proceed is appreciated. Thanks