1 More year to go

Today we have exactly 1 year left of active treatment. I'm pretty sure this is how it is because for our specific treatment it is 2 years from the date we started our Interim Maintenance phase and that was on 11 September 2007. Last year this time Bianca was neutropenic and had to stay away from any indoor public places and other people, today seems quite different.

Whilst it is still a long time, it does feel in some respects as if we can start counting down. And in one way next year this time will feel thoroughly good and exciting and hopeful that life can just be normal again, but in another we will reach the stage where we will leave the "safety" of our treatment behind and then becomes all the "what ifs?" Of course reaching the end of our treatment doesn't mean that is the end of it. We will have no test that will tell us if the treatment was 100% successful and we will enter a waiting game. They say the first year off treatment will be the most critical time where we will have the biggest chance of a relapse, but we will still have to wait around 4 years before Bianca's chances of a relapse will be significantly less. And for many years to come we will continue having regular checkups.

But still, only 1 year left. That feels pretty good and pretty promising! And tonight Bianca is in pretty good spirits, laughing and playing and today she even managed to count from 1 - 100, so a good day to realise that there is only 1 more year left.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say, congratulations is hardly the right word. Does let the countdown begin seem appropriate? Despite not being able to think of suitable words, I hope this year and all the follow up years of checkups are as easy and positive as possible and that you and your amazing family enjoy being settled in your new home for this final year of treatment.

Anonymous said...

Another major milestone; 365 days until Bianca's last day of treatment. Isn't that wonderful! Yes it still is a long time but it is definitely within reach now. We can't wait to say "only 365 days left!" Each day, each week is a major milestone just getting through them. So you are on your way to the "other side" and all of the unknowns that wait for you (and us). And all of the normalcy and joys that are waiting as well.
Hopefully this year will fly for you (and us)and bring you wonderful days of joy and happiness. You and your family certainly deserve it.
Rosemary NY USA

Anonymous said...

How exciting about one year left to go. I think when we get there we will have a big chart up to 365 and will have a big performance of crossing each day off. I can't wait.
I'm so glad that Bianca is feeling so great. And well done Bianca on being able to count up to 100!
I hope you all have a lovely day.
Bridget and Pete

LindaI said...

wow! you are so lucky! Our maintenance is 2 and a half years from when he hit maintenance! So we have... 2 years and one month left.

But awesome for Bianca!

When treatments are all done and we do not have daily meds and such, I Am so throwing a HUGE party! how about you?

Chatabox Girl said...

I know other comments have said it, but 365 days is really nothing! you must be so proud of your whole family, and the normality they have achieved while being around something so huge and life changing. I cant realy put the words in my head onto paper, but you have reached a milestone, and you must be so happy!

Kristy said...