A very special wish

Tonight we met Sue and Steve - the Make a Wish volunteers. They came to meet Bianca and discussed her wish with her. Bianca was so excited and Sue and Steve are really nice people.

I'm not going to go into details about Bianca's wish just yet as we don't yet know whether it will be granted or not, but let me tell you, if her main wish or her backup wish could be granted it would just mean the world to Bianca. So once we know more, we'll share some details with you.

PS. to all of you sending out a message on Facebook or via email saying that if you forward the message to as many people as possible, the Make a Wish Foundation will cover somebody's medical expenses - please know that it doesn't work like this. They have very specific criteria, they come and meet with the child and make sure that it is the child's real wish and then it gets discussed with the Board of Trustees and only then do they make a decision whether it is something they can make it happen. There is no way the Make a Wish Foundation will pay somebody's medical expenses based on the distribution of spam email.


Chatabox Girl said...

Those emails really got to me. So many people clam they will help, and of course you want to send it on. But at the same time you know that they cant track the emails and that sending it wont work. But it does get kind if annoying when thay send it to you 20 times!

I hope Bianca gets her wish! I am hoping, and i have my fingers crossed for her.

LindaI said...

oh congrats! Tristan is getting a make a wish in March. Well he already made the wish. We are going to Walt Disney World in Florida. I have never been there before and am completely overwelmed with everything that we can do. It is truly a blessing!

I cannot wait to hear about Biancas Wish!