And dex strikes again (but not too bad)

Today I couldn't resist getting matching outfits for the girls. Usually I'm not one of those moms who dress my girls the same, but I thought it would be cute.

Bianca also had great fun watching Suzy tonight, but soon enough the Dex took over and she fell fast asleep on the couch. Yet another week of Dex. It's not too bad (so far), but tonight she did seem a little more tired than usual.

Today was a bit of a challenging day with Caitlyn being a typical 18 month old - one moment all happy go lucky and the next as moody as you can get and she's even had a time-out today. But she is awfully cute too and that totally makes up for the "terrible twos" that happened sooner than anticipated. But at least she sleeps really well at night and that is a big relief!


Kristy said...


I saw your comment on Sean's blog. I thought I would hop over and say hello. You have beautiful children! I will be popping in and out to say hi, if that is ok and praying for you all.

Morgan said...

They are such dolls!

Anonymous said...

Your daughters are beautiful!! Hope your steroid week is almost over and that it was an easier one for you and Bianca.
Rosemary NY USA

LindaI said...

Very pretty girls in their outfits!

Urgh... Dex....

Tristan goes to clinic on the 12th so that is when we get our next 5 day round of them.

I feel like they are keeping him a little chubby. We had an appointment for some extra assistance (a program in my state that he qualified for with his leukemia) and they do a weight and height and iron test etc.

Then they give you guidelines of what to feed your kid how to help them etc. But they are mainly for lower income but if you have a medical card you can get it. So not the norm to deal with special needs kids.

Anyways... of course they tell me that he is big for his age. His weight is in the 94% which is not really great. Then they talk about what he drinks and tell me to limit things etc.

I know they are just doing their job and do not know my kid but it is hard when I know his weight is due to his steroids. And I am not going to limit anything about his drinking with his meds. He needs fluids. Sure we pick 100% juices and not sugar drinks etc. I know that.

I just start thinking sometimes... those steroids really are a pain in the butt. half the month he pudges out, gets moody and all the normal world think is, man that kid is acting bad and eating way too much. What kind of mother "she" must be. Short of wearing a sign... I just feel sad somedays knowing what people think but wishing they would assume the best in me.

The other day Tristan had a nice bruise on his eye. Total boy but he bruises much easier then my daughter does. We got drilled by an old lady at the icecream store about "that is a nasty looking bruise, how did he get that!?"

if only people understood.

sorry to ramble on your blog.