Celebrating Fathers' Day

The new house has been brilliant - it is a great change and we are finally feeling as if we can settle for a little bit, not permanent because it is a rental home, but for the time being that's what we will be doing. Today I've finally started on some of the boxes in the garage and my aim is to get it all unpacked soon. Of course it is a little challenging because Caitlyn likes to help, but not quite as fast as I would like.

The one thing though that has been giving us some problems has been our TV connection. We haven't been able to get any channels and the one channel that we managed to get was all fuzzy. Our lounge has 3 sockets for the TV connection and Terence tried it out, but no luck. So the owner organised somebody to come through and it took him all of 3 minutes to tell me that Terence plugged it into the wrong socket (okay fair enough we did think that this particular socket was for the Sky connection and because we don't have Sky he didn't try this particular socket) - so Terence will be paying $45 for using the wrong socket...

Sunday was Fathers' Day here in New Zealand. Terence had a great day! Bianca and Caitlyn had fun helping me make breakfast for their dad and they couldn't wait to wake him up.

When it was time, the girls were so excited to give Terence some presents and Bianca said "I'll help you open this one, look Daddy it is chocolates (her parcel also had some chocolates), can I have some? (steroids speaking...)". Bianca was very proud to show off a special card she made for Terence at school and even Caitlyn had a go at "writing" in her card.

We went out for lunch and overall just had a great time together enjoying the normality of it all. So to all the other dads who all celebrated Fathers' Day, we hope your day was as wonderful as ours!

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Hey guys!
Got a bit bored of school today, so I downloaded skype instead ;p Tried to find your ID, but I couldn´t. Mine is sannamarieevertsson, would be cool if you could add me and talk a little bit! Take care and enjoy your weekend!