A freckle on the eye

The last few days I feel a bit exhausted. You don't always realise how much energy this journey takes and then one day when you sit and think about it you realise "hey, I actually feel quite tired and wouldn't a holiday be a really nice thing right about now?" So the next few days I'll just have to take it a bit easy, catch my breath as I gear myself up for this big unpack. It really didn't help that we had this move just last week (and no holidays on the horizon...)

Today I had an eye exam (the first one in I really don't know how long). It was time, just to check how things are and my current frame doesn't seem that great anymore, it is sort of bent all out of shape (I guess it doesn't help that Caitlyn grabs it off my bedside table and passing it to me...) One thing that I found quite interesting is that I have a freckle at the back of my left eye. Nothing to worry about, but apparently you can get freckles on your eyes just like you can on your arms - I had no idea. I'm also quite impressed that after all these years, my eyes are only slightly worse than when I did my last test, so that's cool to know!

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Casdok said...

I have lots of freckles, but didnt know you could have them on your eyes!
Hope you manage to get some rest.