Remembering... 4 years ago

Today exactly 4 years ago we arrived at around 9:30pm (if I remember the time correctly) at the Auckland airport. We arrived with nothing more than our dreams, hopes and sheer determination... and a just a few bits and pieces:
  • 6 large suitcases
  • a backpack
  • a babybag
  • a stuffed toy dog
  • a stroller
  • a camera bag
  • a handbag
  • a car seat
  • and a very tired squirmy little 14 month old
We survived a 14 hour flight from South Africa (11 hours to Sydney and then 3 hours to Auckland) with our 14 month old who by that time didn't want to sit still anymore.

I remember how very different everything looked, but it did feel like home to us - after all we spent 2 years prior to making the big move before we finally decided to make the big move - so we were ready. Whilst there are some really special people in South Africa that we miss a lot, we do feel that this was the right move for us.

This is what Bianca looked like around the time that we came:

We rented a tiny little 2 bedroom unit in Milford, Auckland:

This is the view of the street, where we lived (taken at the top of the street, by the bus stop):

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Anonymous said...

WOW, you moved your whole world, forever with so few things. We moved to Auckland for only 6 months when AJ was 5 months old and I am sure we had twice the amount of 'stuff'. Great work.